More Work Coming at You

No good work is left un-rewarded.

As a new entrepreneur building your business, you may be tempted to take shortcuts. After all there are only that many hours in the day.  When working to complete a product or finish deliverables for a client, it is tempting to rush through tasks or attempt to multitask. This leads to mistakes, lack of focus, and less understanding of why the work being performed.

On the other hand, focused, customer-centric, persistent work will reward you with one thing - MORE BUSINESS!  The right effort is viral, and soon your customers or clients will spread the word and want more.

What are some ways to make sure you are putting in the right effort?

  1. Market research to identify a true customer need and validation of your current effort.
  2. Understanding and identifying the one thing you are providing and putting your best efforts to make sure its delivered impeccably. 
  3. Establishing streamlined and scalable processes to help deliver your services with quality and reliability.
Very often entrepreneurs confuse being busy with the right effort. Just like a boomerang, which needs to be 'thrown' correctly for it to come back, any work done must be done with the right effort, for it to provide recurring benefits to grow your business.

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Hi there i am Shilpa Malhotra,I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

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