Licensing and Services

Interested in syndication or custom entrepreneurship comics, check out our pricing and requirements below:

$0 Sharing any existing published comics (no alteration/editing permitted) on Social Media/Blogs (live back link required and website/name attiribution)

$25 Syndication or Licensing of any existing published comic (no alteration/editing permitted) on Website/Presentation/Poster/T-Shirt/Commercial Use (if digital, live back link required, with website/name attribution)

$250 White label, or alteration, hi-res syndication of any existing published comic

$500+ Custom comic or unpublished comic with full/exclusive rights for 6 months

Please contact us for a better resolution comic if you need it.

If you are interested in our ideation and innovation events, please contact us at IdeaKube.

If you would like to sponsor #entrepreneurfail in any form - monetary, service, or product - please contact us immediately. All sponsors will be recognized for their contributions on the website and through social media.

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