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Fo sho! Thx for the great content and keep up your wonderful work!

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LOVE the entrepreneurship/poker piece. It is beyond awesome! #entrepreneur #comic

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Thank you...great way to show "behind the curtains" of being an entrepreneur & knowing that the learning curve is sometimes a cliff

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It's my pleasure. I am pretty excited to be following you. I am intrigued by http://Entrepreneurfail.com.

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Keep Rocking! We need those comics to keep us dancing ;-)

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Great comics. Nailed it! http://www.entreprenerfail.com

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Clever comics about entrepreneurship, check them out! Especially recent grads. #nomoney #allheart

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Absolutely love the #entrepreneurfail comics :) Make sense to all entrepreneurs!

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Yes, its great! Your comics are fun and very informative! Keep up :)

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Great entrepreneur comics with meaningful messages! check out: http://www.entrepreneurfail.com 

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Been thru this situation. This is exact what I feel.

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Wonderful site .. I like what you do :-)

@edendhaliwal 7 Apr 
Some really ironic truths about entrepreneurship...funny...this one is good http://bit.ly/XFDddO #entrepreneurfail

@RajenSanghvi 1 Apr 
ha nice - nothing like satire to poke fun at the lives of so many us in the #startup space - ill look fwd to seeing more!

@irwanhmalhotra 31 Mar 
Great work, Kriti! shows a totally "different" perspective to Entrepreneurship! Being one,can relate to almost all of them! :-) )

‏@paigescox1 18 Mar 
"Laughter is the best medicine." Thanks for sharing your talent (and humor)!


popoydelosreyes said...

This website truly rocks. I love how they execute the hardships and achievements of a start up like us with humor. Thanks! #entrepreneurfail

tonnie mk said...

Great site, very refreshing and helps a lot with procrastinating actual start up work. I have just subscribed, keep them coming!

Matias M. said...

I really love your comic!

I fallen down 3 times and I stood up 4. Your stories are pure true for my entrepreneurial life.

Regards from Argentina

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