Insistence on Persistence

You think success is only based on intelligence? Nope.
You think success is solely due to the number of contacts you have? Negative.
You think success is pure luck? Sorry.
You think success is based just on education? Nice try.
You think success is only about you? No way!

Ideas vs. The Execution of Ideas

Right up there with "what came first, the chicken, or the egg", is another question that has befuddled mankind of generations:

Anatomy of an Entrepreneur

"Head over heels" in love with your startup idea?  Are you "knee-deep" in tasks to set up your business?  Do the "butterflies in your stomach" keep you from approaching new clients? The startup doctor is here to make sure you succeed.

The Truth about Luck: Reality Bites

If I close a deal, get some PR, or expand my business, the first thing that comes to everyone's mind: "guess some people are just lucky."
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