First Marketing Push

I have some enterprising friends. Not a day goes by that someone isn't launching a fitness blog, a recipe channel, a consulting practice, or a new startup. Every week I get messags requesting me to "please like my Facebook page" and "send this link to everyone you know"! Many of the requests from my friends are not relevant to me nor will I ever be a target customer. I've even liked a men's weight loss page just to support a friend (I never looked at that page again).

The Truth about Startup Lawyers

In your first startup venture you may not think be thinking about the about the legal implications of what you are working on.  Your only aim is go and launch.

Don't Drop the Balls

New and experienced entrepreneurs need to learn the art of juggling.  No longer just meant for circus performers, juggling requires skill, timing, and concentration.

An Entrepreneur's Iconic Love Story

I recently had an entire conversation with a startup founder with a handful of emojis, some bitmojis, and a picture.  As time is of the essence for founders, not a second should be wasted on non-essentials.  Who has time to type out words?
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