These are some awesome articles and other resources I wanted to share with you:

Free eBook: The Power of Cartoon Marketing by Ilya Spitalnik from Pow Toon.  He also wrote this article about Why Cartoons have Power in Business.

Draw your Elevator Pitch. How cartoons can be used to get "potential customers to talk, investors to listen, and employees to remember" from the Harvard Business Review.

Comics: Storytelling that is 51% better than Text. Various studies showing the power of images and humor increasing recall of a subject.

64% Would Rather Share a Cartoon Instead of a Photo.  Mark Anderson the creator of Andertoons launched this test and got definitive results.

Interview: Kriti Vichare on Keeping it Human podcast by Kathy Klotz-Guest. We discuss the overlaps between marketing, humor and cartoons.

Win your Customer's Heart with Humor has great examples from Mailchimp, Groupon, Wufoo, and other companies that skillfully tickle customers' funny bones.

We Slept in an Office for 6 Months and Still Failed is a post mortem about a startup experience that went sour. It has a list of reminders for new entrepreneurs.

Famous Entrepreneurs Remember their Biggest Mistakes includes snippets from Sir Richard Branson and Jo Malone.

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