Quiz: Top 10 Things Entrepreneurs Never Say

The term "wantrepreneur" may have a derogatory connotation, indicating someone is wannabe entrepreneur.  I think every successful small business owner was once a "wantrepreneur, " so it's not really a bad thing to be a "wannabe" for a bit.  

Now, when a "wantrepreneur" claims to be an entrepreneur - that's when the trouble starts!
So here is a little pop quiz to see where you stand and you let us know if you have been truthful. Please tally how many of these refer to you:

10. I love missed opportunities. 
 9. My business is not my baby. 
 8. It’s all about me. 
 7. I can shut out the world on vacation! 
 6. What a cushy job! 
 5. I’m so bored! 
 4. Keep the change, IRS. 
 3. Luck has nothing to do with it. 
 2. There are plenty of hours in a day. 
 1. What’s a little equity between friends?

If you checked more than 8, congrats, you are a “Wantrepreneur”! This is fine - especially if you are at the beginning of your journey. Just don't stay here too long and get stuck. 

 You may love the concept of owning a sustainable business, but you aren’t quite there yet. You are not convinced about the idea and business model you are working on, so you are procrastinating.

 You perhaps aren’t ready to leave your day job and you are unexcited by about any potential opportunities that come your way and enjoy the “relaxation” and flexibility that entrepreneurship provides. Or perhaps you are working on a business, but you may by trying to do it all yourself. Financially, you do not equate time with money yet. Don’t worry, with some months, effort and learnings you may actually be an entrepreneur!

If you checked 2 or fewer, congrats, you are a bona fide entrepreneur! 

You strive to get find every opportunity. You know that luck can help a business but opportunity and perseverance make it happen. Nothing is dull for you as you pursue your venture.

You know this is not a ride for the freeloader. As an entrepreneur, you are productive, and know that sometimes sacrifices are necessary to make your business a reality. You feel your business has to be an extension of you, just like a baby! It does take an army, a village, and a team effort for your to accomplish success in your business.

 Keep pushing ahead! We know we’ll see you on the cover of a magazine one day!

What was your score? Do you agree with our assessment of being a wantrepreneur? Let us know in the comments below.


Unknown said...

Perhaps I'm a little slow on this one, but what is "What’s a little equity between friends?" referencing?

Entrepreneur Fail said...

@Jack Good question! I'm not sure about the original source of that quote, but "what's a little ____ between friends" is an idiom that shows satirically, that any amount of stuff should be shared between friends. The reality is that's never true. Check out another example in this article: http://nymag.com/guides/money/2006/23486/

Hope that helps!

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