Race to the Bottom

Climbing the good ol’ corporate ladder is a tried, true, relatively predictable, yet slow way to reach the top. Heeding the speed limit and traversing the dotted lines can get frustrating, as there is no magical formula for ascension. And cracking the office politics and favoritism codes can be a mystery.

This is a reason you may have pursued your own venture: so you could declare yourself the boss. Good luck with that! Sure the org chart will be leaner than in a corporation, but you are never actually your own boss. You are actually reporting to your customers, vendors, suppliers and your investors. They drive and dictate your promotions, pay raises, perks, annual leave, and responsibility. Welcome to your organization. It's the flip version of the corporate org chart. You are barely hanging on, as it grows larger above you. Be ready to draw it as you go.

(Learn how this cartoon was made! Check out the stroke-by-stroke playback here)
If this entrepreneurship comic made you laugh, there's more where that came from: here.

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Unknown said...

Very good depiction of the real business of small business.

Entrepreneur Fail said...

Paul I'm glad you enjoyed it! Much more to come, stay tuned. Any questions or suggestions for comics, message us at info@entrepreneurfail.com and we may be able to feature you and your business!

Unknown said...

Very nice! I enjoyed the video of how it was made.

Entrepreneur Fail said...

Thanks Joaquin! And any feedback is always welcome! I've got more in the pipeline:)

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