Domain's the Game

Anyone who has ever searched for the perfect URL or even tried to find a Gmail address or a coveted Twitter handle can relate to this one. Unless your name is really unique, chances are it’s taken.

Bless GoDaddy's suggested 'Variations'. The alternatives are meant to be helpful but are not really useful and actually kind of entertaining. We are fans of GoDaddy though. Over the years, their user interface has improved and the navigation is getting more intuitive. Although there are other providers with a cleaner and simpler interface, for the price and the excellent 24x7 phone customer service, we still keep going back to them and currently own more than 15 domains.

If you've run out of naming ideas, use the Igor naming guide for some tips.  Also, the Lean Domain Search and Namechk are great for sparking some available name ideas.  Even if you get a great domain name, don't forget to snag the Gmail address, Twitter handle, or anything other account you may be using. Happy hunting.

(Learn how this cartoon was made! Check out the stroke-by-stroke playback here)
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Charu Z said...

Hey Kirti,

So glad to see all of the amazing ideas and animations.
looking forward for more of such innovations.
Congratulations to both..

Entrepreneur Fail said...

Charu so glad you enjoyed them. Many more to come so stay tuned!

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