Fishing for a Yes

"No way. Sorry. Nope. Not interested. Maybe later. I don't think so."  As a new entrepreneur, you have to get used to the "No"!

As you are starting your new business, you are seeking validation for the problem you are solving and the solution you are pitching. The majority of the responses from potential customers will be NO!  Don't get disheartened. It's a big sea and as you continue to search, keep on the look out for your YES!

After you've secured customers, you may be seeking investors to grow your business. Again, a chorus of NOs, may come after each conversation. Keep persisting and adapting your pitch for a YES.

As your company expands you may want to launch a new product. However, you may have stakeholders or a Board that will give you NOs! Again, if you are confident, do not be discouraged and keep fishing. Eventually you will be granted with the YES you are looking for.

Let us know how many times you got a NO, before you got a YES, in the comments below.


Digit Magz said...

I never count those " NO " .........tried and tried and it took 1 year to get a BIG YESSSSSS for my business.

Christian Plaschy said...

so true...
I stopped counting the NOs already a long time ago. ;-)

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