Bit by the Startup Bug

Doctor, the last dose of a corporate job didn't work!

It's a plague, highly contagious and extremely persistent. If you've been bitten by the startup bug, take precaution. Symptoms may include an entrepreneurial "itch" that may cause "rash" decisions. This is a lifelong ailment. Symptoms may be alleviated by finding a cofounder and launching a business. However the itch never fully recedes.

Often this ailment causes delusions of grandeur. In rare cases though, the long-term effects of the bite may cause extreme happiness, fulfillment and prosperity.  This is only if you're carefully follow the medical treatment prescribed by other entrepreneurs and mentors.

Have you been bit by the startup bug? What was your cure? Let us know in the comments below.


Yotam Ariel said...

That's funny :-)

Also, simple way to tell if the patient has the startup bug or not: if he/she says 'I'm thinking to do a startup', but doesn't actually start it or work on it hours every day, then the patient doesn't have the startup bug. The patient might have the 'startupland' bug ;-)

Ivan Babic said...

Hope you know some spanish ;-)

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