Are you a control freak?

Ever seen intense video gamers? Their eyes are glazed and they are intently focusing on the screen. They are gripping the controller with both hands, thumbing the buttons and advancing to the next stage of the game.

Did you play video games as a child? How about as an adult?  Starting a company is like playing a video game. You have an end goal - whether it be rescuing a princess, overthrowing the bad guy, collecting the crown jewels, or creating a sustainable business. You will definitely encounter obstacles getting to your end goals.  Along the way, you may have small wins, but they are all on the way to the grand prize.

You also have a controller. This is very similar to being a founder, as you use the buttons to maneuver your way though challenges.  The important buttons at your disposal are:

  1. Offense and Defense - Use these as often as possible.
  2. Competitive Attack - This can be used in conjunction with offense and defense.
  3. Pivot - This button is used more often than you think, but after using it too much, it becomes inactive.
  4. Hire - Use this button sparingly, but wisely. It can backfire if you are too aggressive with this button.
  5. Plans A, B, C, and D - If you have really taken a wrong turn, you can use the different plans to set your path straight.
  6. Launch - This is the button you use when you are finishing one stage of the game and moving to the next.
It's not about having these buttons though, it is about how many times you have used them before, the order you use them, how fast you use them, when you use them and how you use them.  Some buttons may have additional functionality if you use them in combination with each other.  All of these factors will catapult you to success.

What are the buttons on your controller? Let us know in the comments below.

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Christian Plaschy said...

I have an additional button "Meet the coach and reflect".

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