No Pain No Gain

Ever been in an awkward situation? Ever kicked yourself for saying something foolish? Ever been a room where you are the least knowledgeable? Ever been yelled at by a customer?

If these sound terrible, you may not be ready to be an entrepreneur.  As a new founder you will be constantly faced with situations that are unfair, confusing, overwhelming, and plain stressful.  Successful entrepreneurs embrace these uncomfortable situations are accept them as a facet of starting a company. In fact, these moments of discomfort may actually motivate you to learn more, try harder and take more risks.

Some ways to mitigate that sinking sensation in your stomach:
  1. Expect the worst - you may be pleasantly surprised
  2. Put it all in perspective - a little discomfort won't ruin your business and every entrepreneur has felt it and dealt with it so you are not alone
  3. Know its not personal - business discomfort has nothing to do with you as a person
  4. Create a contingency plan - as they say, if plan A or B don't work, there are many other letters in the alphabet
The sooner you anticipate and enjoy the discomfort, the sooner you can keep focused on growing your business.

Let us know how you deal with the uncomfortable in the comments below.


Yotam Ariel said...

Good one!!!

Unknown said...

ya, i facing a lot of discomfortable now, i am a good reader for this web anyway, so keep give the other letters in the alphabet for your readers, this is a good one

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