In Scope

What line of sight does a new business owner need? Deep into the weeds? Or out far in the horizon?

With a microscopic lens, an entrepreneur can look at what is working in his/her business, and what can be improved with processes and employees. Initially, the day-to-day minutiae for new founders require continued attention.  A CEO of a startup recently shared that staying attune to the small details of her business gives her the confidence to sell products to potential clients.

With a telescopic lens, an entrepreneur can assess the vision for the future.  Sculpting, molding and envisioning the long run for the company can inspire your employees and motivate them forward.  A startup founder I recently chatted with, explained that it his visions are what differentiated his company from the competition.

Ironically, the best entrepreneurs need a microscope to do telescopic things, and use a telescope to do microscopic things.

Are you a telescopic or microscopic founder? Let us know the details in the comments below.


Unknown said...

It varies..I'm a non technical, personally I doubt I can afford to get microscopic except for project reviews and expect technical folks to fill that for me. But yes, getting microscopic should give person like me to do diligence (GAP) to align to the market which you I want to chase.

Entrepreneur Fail said...

@jagadesh I hear you! Good luck to you...

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