An Entrepreneur's Iconic Love Story

I recently had an entire conversation with a startup founder with a handful of emojis, some bitmojis, and a picture.  As time is of the essence for founders, not a second should be wasted on non-essentials.  Who has time to type out words?

An entrepreneur's love story can be portrayed in a series of icons:
  1. Firstly inspiration hits and an entrepreneur must do all he/she can to woo the idea.
  2. As the entrepreneur tries and tries to finds a customer, the sweat and tears change the love story  into a tragedy as we are not sure if the entrepreneur's efforts will ever live up to the idea.
  3. The entrepreneur gets it in his/her head that a sure way to expand the love for the idea is through investors.
  4. The entrepreneur gets used to rejection and feels hopeless.
  5. The entrepreneur's emotions go into a pit and he/she wonders if it was ever really true love with the idea?  Perhaps it is time to give up?
  6. When the entrepreneur is seconds away from giving away the true love of his/her life, the first customer materializes.  The skies break, and the sun shines through.

What's your iconic story? Let us know in the comments below.

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