The road not taken

The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.  -- Colin R. Davis

This quote surprises many new entrepreneurs who assume that the only two options are success or failure. They don't realize "success and failure" are actually one and the same path.  The only distinction is the road to success is much longer.

A friend recently shared a story of building a product for the wrong customer.  Eventually his team did pivot, and find a successful, sustainable business model, but it would not have been possible without first finding the wrong customer.  "It would have been easy to give up and assume we would never be on the right path".

The added benefit of failure is that new entrepreneurs can learn from the failures from other entrepreneurs, and the cycle continues.  This article helps us get an insight into famous entrepreneurs and their failures.

Let us know what road you took in the comments below, and if you experienced failure and success.

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