Driving Change and Making Waves

Are you on the status quo train or are you driving change in your organization?

In a large company, to drive even the smallest change, an intrapreneur must align with countless stakeholders. Often the executives of these types of company are risk averse. These large companies got to be so big because of their existing business models and product lines. This is why driving change in these organization is like watching ice melt in Antarctica - it happens but it is a slow drawn out process.

In a startup, change is effortless. Even the simple act of being in a startup: answering a call, taking a shorter lunch break, talking to one more person, can change the course of the whole company. Initially entrepreneurs may want to change their vision based on all the feedback they receive. Remember to keep the end goal in mind as long as it makes strategic sense, because many other factors will constantly be in flux around you.

In both situations, ensure there are allies and influencers who can help you drive the change you are seeking.

Tell us about your experience driving change in your organization. What hurdles did you encounter?

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