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What do you have in common with every entrepreneur big and small, successful and novice? Time. It is the one great equalizer in this world. Everyone has the same number of hours to play with, splurge, spend and invest in any way they want.

If you've ever negotiated with an investor, money is probably the lever. However entrepreneurs forget the other currency they can leverage: time. I know you've heard the phrase "time is money". It is true entrepreneurs are always grasping for time, and there is never any time. A few things to remember if you are constantly grasping for more "free time".

  1. Don't squander your time on unnecessary tasks.
  2. Time box your free time and your work time. Check out the Pomodoro Technique.
  3. There is more time than you think.
  4. Procrastination is a sign that your work may not be the right work.
  5. Deliver earlier than planned.
  6. Being busy all the time may imply that you are not managing your priorities correctly.
  7. Say 'no' and see how it frees up your time.
Let us know how you effectively manage your time as an entrepreneur in your comments below.


Unknown said...

Time is the new currency!

Entrepreneur Fail said...

@eric It sure is! Separates the wealthy from the aspiring!

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