Insistence on Persistence

You think success is only based on intelligence? Nope.
You think success is solely due to the number of contacts you have? Negative.
You think success is pure luck? Sorry.
You think success is based just on education? Nice try.
You think success is only about you? No way!

I could keep listing these, but you get the gist. The line that separates the entrepreneur from the wantrepreneur is not only the number of successes, but it is the number of attempts, failures, disappointments, trials, and tribulations.  This persistence is the distinguishing factor that separates the entrepreneurs from the wannabes.

Additionally, remember, that as an entrepreneur, you are part of a bigger ecosystem of trying, failing, learning and succeeding. For every failure, you or someone else will benefit from it, and will use that learning to adapt it for businesses.  You may not even recognize it, but you are benefitting from other entrepreneur's failures all the time, and vice versa.  Check out these TED Talks for more inspiration about failures.

Here are some bits of inspiration to keep on trying, even when it seems that you're in a dead end:

How long have you been persisting? How do you keep going in the face of adversity? Let us know in the comments below.


Unknown said...

Yep. That's what my entire blog is about these days. I swear I think you have my house bugged when I read these.

Entrepreneur Fail said...

@james Great minds, great minds!

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