Entrepreneur's Sales Tales

What's the most important role as an entrepreneur? What's the hardest thing about being an entrepreneur? What's the one thing that defines a startup vs. just an idea?

You'll be surprised to know all three answers are the same: SALES!

Why are sales so important?
  1. They validate the viability of your business
  2. They initiate the cash flow to invest in the growth of your business
  3. They beget more sales with referrals
Why is seeking sales so scary?
  1. The fear of rejection is founded in reality. Some experts say for every 50 leads, only 1 may come through.
  2. There are many unknowns, unlike other parts of a startup where the work is more concrete.
  3. Your startup may cease to exist sooner than you'd like. 
For more reasons and tips, this article shares ways you can boost your marketing to drive your sales.

Let us know what you think? How important are sales to your business?


Unknown said...

That's just wrong. But funny as hell...and true.

Kriti, you love starting stuff...

Entrepreneur Fail said...

@James haha uh oh! Did it strike a chord? I've been guilty as charged!

Beth Barany said...

true dat!

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