Brutally Honest Fortune Cookies

Polished off that Chinese takeout? Now you're ready to crack open your fortune cookie. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, you may find much truth in the fortune that awaits you. We've collected some common proverbs and adages below that you'd find in a fortune cookie, and applied them to the entrepreneurial experience:

  1. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush - A customer in hand is worth more than chatting with two at a networking event
  2. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link - A startup is only as strong as it's weakest employee
  3. A dog is a man's best friend - Find your loyal allies
  4. A drowning man will clutch at a straw - Even if your startup idea doesn't have scope for success, you will grasp for any angle that will keep it afloat
  5. A fool and his money are soon parted - Enough said
  6. A good beginning makes a good ending - Get started on the right path, and the new business will be smoother
  7. A house divided against itself cannot stand - All new hires have to share the values of your startup
  8. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step - Or a single pivot
  9. A leopard cannot change its spots - Your core competency will always be your core competency
  10. No man's an island - No one launches a business alone
  11. Fortune favors the bold - Risk taking has to be calculated and significant
  12. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer - Your eye must be on your competition at all times
  13. The early bird catches the worm - You may be able to catch a first mover advantage
  14. Too many cooks spoil the broth - As you add more people to your venture, speed to launch often slows
  15. Don't bite the hand that feeds you - Remember to nurture the valuable relationships 
  16. A penny saved is a penny earned - And count every penny towards sustaining your cashflow 
  17. Don't count your chickens before they've hatched - Until you have a check in hand, a handshake doesn't mean anything
  18. A watched pot never boils - Be patient with your startup!

Did we forget any entrepreneurial fortune cookies? Let us know in the comments below!


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