An Entrepreneur: The Fixing Machine

Attention budding entrepreneurs: How handy are you with tools?
Are you ready to get down and dirty and fix what needs it? I hate to break it to you but you have to be ready. Starting a company requires you to have the tools to fix anything that's broken, coupled with the patience to make it happen.  Just as I have a reliable toolkit at home, to fix the leaks, creaks and freaks at my house, an entrepreneur must be able to do that for their own venture.

As Sir Richard Branson said: "Your decision will not always be the best decision. Everyone makes mistakes, but the best thing you can do in the face of a mistake is own up to it. Honesty isn’t just the best policy, it’s the only policy. When a mistake is made, don’t let it consume you. Uncover the problem and get to work on fixing it."

So what are the components that should be in your toolkit?
  1. Blue Prints - Make a plan for the future
  2. Level - Level your expectations
  3. Nail - Nail down your value proposition
  4. Ruler - Size up the market
  5. Saw - Cut through the clutter
  6. Pliers - Get a grip
  7. Wrench - Tighten a hold on your market
  8. Hammer - Knock down obstacles
  9. Screwdriver - Don't screw up
 Did we miss anything in your toolkit? Do you have any special tools? Let us know below.


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