Checks and Imbalances in the Entrepreneurial Mind


Pull out those rose-colored glasses. Optimism signals confidence, abilities, perseverance and positive outcomes. These are clearly the traits startup founders need to get their first customers, funding or boost employee morale. Sounds great doesn't it? I can almost hear the applause.

There are two potential problems though. When harsh reality kicks in, the zealous entrepreneur may not even realize it, or casually brush it aside. Secondly, there is such a thing as too much optimism. Potential customers and VCs can see right through that. Really, you plan to launch in a month and you haven't even created a prototype? Or really, the price of the product is less than the cost of its components? The only person you are fooling is YOU!

Find a mentor, advisor or a board of directors who will tell it like it is to keep you grounded in reality!

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