Dwelling on your Dwelling

In NYC or any large metropolis, you’ll find entrepreneurs who have made a home office a reality. The city provides an alluring location, but the dollar per square foot is obscene. And in working from home, the magical line between the bed and the desk soon disappears.

You can use your flexibility to your advantage if you don't have a traditional office, though. Just remember, cubicle-dwellers across the world would gladly trade their cage to have your 15 second commute. To escape the monotony of your home office, you can go to coworking spaces and coffee shops. Sharedesk and Desk Wanted are resources to find temporary desk space and on-demand office mates. Here is a list of places with free wifi that may help you in your quest. Alternatively, you can be your own wifi provider, and carry a hotspot. We've also used libraries and public spaces to set up shop for the day.

And now, back to work!

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Blaire said...

Kriti, the office on the right side must be reduced to 1/10 size, and there should be more redbull cans, more dirty dishes, and more takeout boxes strewn about :)

Entrepreneur Fail said...

Haha!!! So true Blaire:)

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