Entrepreneur's Maze: Finding Your Ways

Rats have been used in mazes for experiments and testing for over 100 years. These studies are used to understand cognition in rats. Using the studies, we have learned about motivation and psychology of humans and other mammals.

The startup journey is a maze in itself, and the entrepreneur making his/her way behaves predictably. There are always dead ends, shiny distractions, competitors who are more experienced and little tastes of success which keep the entrepreneur going.

In this rat race, it is wise to do as our rodent friends do:
  1. Assess where you are and where you have been, to guide your journey.
  2. Don't get too distracted by pseudo success.
  3. Persistence will get you to the cheese.
  4. There will always be others who seem to be doing it better. Be aware, but ignore them.
  5. Continually remind yourself of your core motivation to propel you to the end.
  6. Try to find hacks to go outside the box, instead of through the existing path!
What else has been in your maze? Let us know in the comments below.

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