Bullseye: Focus like a new entrepreneur

If you can read this sentence without thinking about your next sales call, the line of buggy code you have to fix, the intern you must hire, or the appointment you are itching to make....then congratulations! You probably have better focus than many new entrepreneurs.

A key element in entrepreneurship is really a laser sharp, extremely directed, pinhole-perfect focus. This unwavering bullseye and motivation to get to a goal separates the successful and the mediocre new startup founders.

Easier read than done? Here are some tips from experts who know the importance of focus
  1. Identify what's important to getting your first customer and nothing more
  2. Implement one strategy at a time for growing your business. Move to the next one, once you have assessed all aspects of your current strategy.
  3. Plan alone time and take breaks, as many of the successful entrepreneurs in this article do.  This allows you to recapture and recuperate in your mind
  4. Set mini goals and mini prizes - e.g. 30 minutes undisturbed will get you 10 minutes of social media time
  5. Remember that it may be easy to get some quick cash doing some odd jobs or consulting work, but if your goal is to grow a business, try to steer clear.
  6. Publish a daily schedule and follow it. Give it to someone who will hold you accountable to those deliverables. Setting a schedule allows you to 'be your own boss' in a way where you determine what your future self would be doing and keep you accountable to yourself.
  7. Include an exercise schedule in your daily regimen, as this allows you to consolidate your thoughts.
  8. Say no at least 10x times than you say yes. Saying no lets you focus on your yes commitments.
  9. Learn the art of meditating, which is essentially the art of practicing being focused.
Did we miss anything in the list above? Let us know in the comments below.


Unknown said...

Love this, Kriti. Especially the meditation part-that is the only thing that helps me manage stress and anxiety. Well done.

nagina said...

This is so right on! I love #1 which makes it so clear why you should focus on some things instead of others, and #5 because though quick consulting gigs can seem exciting, they are distracting from your long-term goal. Thanks so much!

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