Take a Seat: Relaxation for the Entrepreneur

Just take a seat for a minute. 
Entrepreneurs hardly ever get time to sit and just think. I'd argue that starting your own business is one of the toughest jobs out there. And the possibility of stress, the lack of motivation and the impending fear of failure is enough to get even the toughest player to gasp for mercy.
Entrepreneurs may forget that they too deserve a break and need to unwind and clear their heads. In fact many top CEOs and entrepreneurs consider this unwind time non-negotiable. As for me, I was so stressed as I was pursuing my business ideas that I cornered myself with a bout of pneumonia, rendering me unable to work on anything for a month - what an #entrepreneurfail. Since then I've carefully carved out a balance.

Here are some traditional ways to relax as an entrepreneur:
  1. Meditation and Yoga - Top CEOs meditateAre you one of them? 
  2. Exercise - There is evidence that you can actually improve your memory and focus with exercise  
  3. Humor - Laughter can reduce your blood pressure and help you think clearly. If you need a laugh you can always turn to #entrepreneurfail!
  4. Family and Friends - Don't forget those who care about you the most.
  5. Me time - You, yourself and yes to taking a well deserved break.
However, here are some that actually worked for me:
  1. Go into a room by yourself and sing loudly.
  2. Grab some of your friends and act out a scene about your business in 5 years.
  3. Choose any song and use the thesaurus to change the words but retain the same meaning.
  4. Put on the TV, put it on mute, and try to guess what the characters are saying.
  5. GOOO - Get Out Of Office - go anywhere the park, the train station, the mall and just observe and try not to think about work for a few minutes.
Best of luck to you and your business. As you establish a rhythm of work and relaxation, you'll appreciate both sides more effectively and be more successful because of the balance.

Do you have a favorite way to get your mind off of your business? Share them with us in the comments below!


Unknown said...

VERY true. The most important part of this is that your down time isn't spent thinking or agonizing about what has to be done.

That's not real down time and you won't feel relieved. Some way. some how, you will take that down time anyway. For you, it was pneumonia. For me, it may have been by watching exorbitant amounts of 24.

I read so many stories about entrepreneurs (and have witnessed my own father) working non-stop hours, all through the night, then taking a couple of hours of sleep and doing it all over gain. It's hard not to feel pressured to be like that, like if you're not working like an animal, you're not good enough.

But that isn't true. So keep going and having fun at the same time!

Entrepreneur Fail said...

Mike - so true. Almost everyone forgets that the fun part is the most important :)

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