First Paycheck: Corporate vs. Startup

I’m worth more! 
My two first weeks at a role in a Corporate Fortune 500 company yielded a paycheck with an unexpected amount. In absolute terms, the sum of money was decent – enough to pay my student loans, rent and even a little discretionary splurging on the side. Yet for some reason I felt shortchanged as I counted the hours I actually worked: there was no way to increase my earnings. Additionally, looking at all the taxes, insurance and social security deductions, I believed my value was much more than what I received.

Fast-forward to when I left corporate America to start pursuing my own business ideas. The effort I put forth was mentally, physically and emotionally more intense and time-consuming than any corporate role I’ve been in. Toiling and laboring through uncertainty, and I wasn’t even making a penny. 

One day though, when the first trickle of money came in (and trickle is a generous word), I can’t describe the delirious elation I felt! Interestingly enough, if I did calculate my hourly rate in an entrepreneurial venture – I’d be breaking labor laws in every country around the world! And tax deductions, which irked me when I got a corporate paycheck, didn’t even enter the outskirts of my thoughts. All I could think of was how to celebrate the fact that someone finally believed my company’s vision. This irony is an #entrepreneurfail

Why the difference in reaction?
The feeling of satisfaction when you get validation for something that is yours alone is unparalleled. Entrepreneurs have an innate need to create, and when there is a sign that the road less taken may be the right one, it means so much more than just a salary. 

How did you feel when you got that first paying customer? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Lakshey said...

Could not have agreed more.

It is such a good feeling when someone says yes i would pay for your idea. Everything else becomes non-important.

Glad someone finally took time to write about the pain and effort around entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneur Fail said...

Thanks Lakshey and best wishes on your endeavors!
Hope you have many many people that pay for your ideas!

Look forward to your feedback in the upcoming comics...

Unknown said...

This is the best comic yet. My company is about to launch next month and I can just feel the bubbles on my nose from that champagne bottle I'm opening when/if I get my first sale from someone OTHER than friends or family!

Big money! BIG MONEY! (feels the thrill of a casino)

Entrepreneur Fail said...

Awesome!!! Gooo Mike!

Unknown said...

I don`t think it is comic ,it is simple reality which is hilarious ,thats why enterpreneurs are more happy than clock friendly peoples :)

Shelby Lane MD said...

And that's why I love being totally Jamaican. Juggling those "10 jobs man". I'll never be unemployed. Love the insight.

Entrepreneur Fail said...

Ah, Sachidanand, it's the simple realities that definitely make me laugh:)

Entrepreneur Fail said...

Thanks so much Shelby! Best wishes in juggling!

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